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Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub

Session 3: Roseto Valfortore, Italy

Session 3 - Roseto Valfortore - Italy
The Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub

Comunità Energitica Rinnovabile Rosetana APS, referred to more colloquially as Comunità Energetica Rinnovabile di Roseto Valfortore, is a rural EC in Apulia, Italy. The EC celebrated the inauguration of their first 6kW renewable energy installation on January 27th, 2023.

The EC is actively pursuing other innovative activities in the near future, by maximising their income with the GSE incentive on shared energy using smart meters, exploring opportunities for storage, e-mobility and district heating. The EC’s “leasing model” is a unique way of reducing the initial financial burden on the community and offers a valuable lesson to other communities in their early stages, as well as the ECs’ ability to take advantage of the incentives available in Italy through self-consumption and shared energy.

Currently, the community has 30 members and has a driving ambition to increase self-consumption to cover 100% of its citizens, reducing their financial costs for energy and eventually becoming autonomous from an energy perspective.

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