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Assessing impact: RECAH's technical assistance delivery review

Find out how the RECAH team will assess the impact of the technical assistance delivered to 28 beneficiaries across Europe based on feedback received so far, and how they are working with the experts that delivered the support to reflect on their experience.

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The European Week of Regions and Cities

RECAH’s Programme Manager, Eugenia Bonifazi tells us about the successful European Week of Regions and Cities that she attended. This article also provides details of the Green Advisory Service for Sustainable Investments Support (Green Assist), offering further technical support opportunities.

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Rural Energy Communities: Leading Europe's Shift to Sustainable Self-Sufficiency

In this article, Eugenia Bonifazi, RECAH Project Manager, elaborates on how rural energy communities are a unique mechanism providing the innovative energy solutions needed to shift towards decentralised renewable energy systems. She highlights their main and how the RECAH initiative supports them.

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