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Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub
News article2 August 2023Directorate-General for Energy

New guidance published on navigating technology types for rural energy communities

A lightbulb with a plant inside with diagrams that represent renewable energy technologies around the outside

The Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub (RECAH) is excited to announce the publication of its fifth guidance document, focused on navigating technology types for rural energy communities.

This comprehensive resource aims to provide communities with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions when developing renewable energy projects.

The primary objective of the guidance document is to empower communities at every stage of their renewable energy journey. Whether a community is just beginning to explore the potential of renewable energy or has a specific project in mind, this document will serve as a practical and informative resource. It offers step-by-step instructions, valuable insights, and a range of options to assess, plan, and implement renewable energy technologies effectively.

The new RECAH guidance document delves into the main energy production technologies available to energy communities, including solar photovoltaic, biomass, wind, and hydropower. Each technology is explored in detail, with information on implementation, indicative costs, and the potential benefits it brings to communities. The document equips communities with the knowledge to select the most suitable options for their unique circumstances by presenting a comprehensive overview of the various technologies.

One of the document’s key features is the presentation of success stories from other rural energy communities that have become RECAH best practices. These inspiring examples showcase how different communities have successfully harnessed renewable energy technologies to create positive change. The full collection of reports showcasing rural energy community best practice examples from across Europe is available on the RECAH website.

Lead author James Roscoe commented, ‘Being able to navigate technology options is a valuable tool that empowers rural energy communities to select the most appropriate renewable energy options. This guidance document provides communities in diverse contexts with the necessary tools to assess, plan, and implement renewable energy technologies effectively. We also aim to inspire rural energy communities to embrace sustainable technologies through presenting practical insights with success stories.’

Access the guidance document on technology types now on the RECAH website, alongside all previously published guidance documents on setting up and maintaining rural energy communities.


Publication date
2 August 2023
Directorate-General for Energy

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