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News article2 August 2023Directorate-General for Energy

KLIK wins the European Sustainable Energy Award 2023 in the Local Energy Action category

Member of energy community KLIK accepting Local Energy Action award at European Sustainable Energy Week

KLIK (Križevac Climate Innovation Laboratory) has been awarded the European Sustainable Energy Award 2023 in the Local Energy Action category. KLIK is a cooperative of citizens in Križevci, Croatia that has been receiving technical assistance from the Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub (RECAH).

The goal of their cooperative is to create a community that will be a catalyst for change and an ecosystem based on the generation of clean energy as the basis for creating a climate-neutral city. KLIK helps the local government and citizens with the goal of making the city energy independent through the development and implementation of renewable energy projects.

The cooperative also wants to invest in renewable energy systems projects that will generate profits to finance community needs and innovation in climate change adaptation and resilience. At the same time, KLIK is working on educating the local community – especially young people – to encourage as many local initiators of change as possible to lead the transformation. The cooperative identifies the needs of the local community, brings technology into the social environment, and strengthens the community through collaboration, co-creation, and capacity building.

The technical assistance that KLIK is receiving from RECAH is in the form of 18 expert days and covers aspects such as:

  • Support to find an appropriate legal entity in which KLIK can operate. For this purpose, a report is being prepared on the current legal situation in Croatia and the available options.
  • Support in evaluating whether to go ahead as a city-led project or to pursue a smaller project on its own. If it is decided to go for a smaller project, a financial model will be developed. If the city-led project approach is chosen, the existing model will be evaluated and potential adjustments recommended.
  • Support in identifying what funding options and functions are available for KLIK.
  • Support to develop key branding assets and a communications strategy, as well as assistance in delivering this.


KLIK was established in March 2020 and is now operational. It focuses mainly on solar and storage energy technology, and activity-wise on energy production, financial services, self-consumption, community network building, energy generation, and provision of energy services. The RECAH technical assistance support is envisioned to be fully wrapped up by 30 September.

For further support for existing or prospective rural energy communities, guidance documents on setting up and maintaining rural energy communities and a collection of reports that showcase rural energy community best practices are available on the RECAH website.

To network with other actors like KLIK who are progressing the energy transition, join the 450+ members of the RECAH network and participate in the RECAH Energy Breakfast Series networking sessions.


Publication date
2 August 2023
Directorate-General for Energy

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