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Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub
Artículo25 de octubre de 2022Directorate-General for Energy

Call for experts: the Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub technical assistance programme

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The Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub (RECAH) is seeking experts to support the provision of technical assistance to energy communities in Europe’s rural areas. The call for experts will remain open until 31 December 2022.

The RECAH will provide direct technical assistance in the form of expert days to a select number of energy communities in Europe’s rural areas. This expert support will involve a wide range of technical assistance services tailored to the specific needs of the communities, with the overarching aim of accelerating the development of sustainable energy community projects.

The call for experts aims to identify experts that are interested in participating in the RECAH technical assistance programme. Expertise is required in the following categories:

  • investment & financial assistance
  • technology- and system-related advice
  • legal/regulatory support
  • communication support
  • capacity development and knowledge transfer support

The process of providing technical assistance will include an initial meeting with the relevant rural energy community, the development of a work plan, and a short report detailing the technical assistance provided, which the expert is expected to contribute to.

Energy communities located in rural areas face unique challenges and needs that differ from those in urban areas. They also have unique opportunities to address current energy challenges, such as land available for renewable energy plants, strengthening the resilience of farms and contributing to rural development. . Therefore, RECAH is looking for experts that are interested in supporting rural energy communities all across Europe and helping them take the next step in their development. Experts will benefit from the opportunity to provide their expertise, gain exposure at the European level and engage with policymakers on a pioneering and evolving dimension of the energy transition in rural areas.’ - Elodie Salle, technical assistance leader of RECAH.

Further information about the Call for experts, and the application form, can be found on the RECAH website.


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25 de octubre de 2022
Directorate-General for Energy

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