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Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub
Artículo25 de octubre de 2022Directorate-General for Energy

Best practice case studies published by the Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub

birds eye view of a hydropower plant

The Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub (RECAH) has published two best practice case studies. These aim to showcase the successful efforts of rural communities and provide inspiration and concrete guidance for prospective new or expanding rural energy communities.

The case studies offer insights into two innovative rural energy communities in Europe, exploring the factors that helped them get started successfully and engage local people in renewable energy generation and ownership.

The two rural energy communities in focus are the Elektrizitätswerk Hindelang eG, a hydropower plant generating electricity in Bad Hindelang, a municipality in the district of Oberallgäu in Bavaria in Germany, and the Éolienne citoyenne de Chamole, a citizen-owned wind turbine in Chamole, a commune in the Jura department in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté in France.

The documents delve into the key characteristics of the communities, including details on their origin, organisational structure, and technical aspects, alongside an analysis of their impacts, benefits, and driving factors behind their success. Recommendations for rural energy community initiators and developers make these case studies valuable resources from which to draw inspiration.

The Bad Hindelang community is longstanding, founded in 1923. Created to establish energy independence, it operates as a cooperative. It is well-adapted to the rural context, allowing citizens to work for the cooperative alongside their other duties.

The Chamole community was born from the motivation of local people, under strong leadership, to have a say in the energy transition. They jointly purchased a wind turbine, with a cooperative being the majority owner and engaging citizens through “investment clubs”. The community has a strong emphasis on education around renewable energy.


The Best Practice Case Studies are now available to download.


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25 de octubre de 2022
Directorate-General for Energy

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