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Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub
News article25 October 2023Directorate-General for Energy

150 organisations registered to take part in RECAH Energy Breakfast Networking Sessions

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RECAH’s Energy Breakfast Networking Sessions consisted of six sessions held throughout July, August, and September that facilitated a platform for discussion, engagement, and collaboration among energy communities, local authorities, members of the EU Commission, NGOs, and other key stakeholders in the energy transition.

The sessions welcomed key speakers from energy communities across Europe, who presented a series of technical topics relating to their energy communities, including:

  • solar PV installations
  • financing mechanisms
  • decentralised energy systems
  • regulatory frameworks
  • grid connectivity
  • smart grids
  • ‘installation as a service’ model
  • energy efficiency/residential upgrades
  • citizen engagement

The sessions were well received, with a diverse range of participants engaging in lengthy Q&A sessions, not only on the material presented in each workshop but also on the topic of energy communities in general. The participants were able to introduce themselves and highlight the challenges and barriers within the energy community scene, as well as similarities between their roles.

Recordings of all six sessions are now available to watch on the RECAH website:

‘We were pleased to see 150 organisations register to participate in these networking sessions and 140 highly engaged participants throughout the series. The importance of opportunities to share knowledge and collaborate cannot be understated in the energy community arena. They will be integral to achieving our increased renewable energy targets, and in our mission to increase energy resilience and autonomy for communities at a local level.’ – Eugenia Bonifazi, RECAH Project Manager


Publication date
25 October 2023
Directorate-General for Energy

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