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Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub

Energy Breakfast Series - Session 1: Energy cooperative Novi Otok Korčula, Croatia

Session 1 - Energy cooperative Novi
The Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub

The Novi Otok citizens association, founded in 2012, aims to improve life on the island of Korčula, with an emphasis on nature preservation and sustainable development. Partnering with the Vela Luka municipality in 2015, they formed the Novi Otok cooperative to implement the Action Plan for increasing energy efficiency.

Their primary goal is to encourage citizen participation in the energy transition by investing in renewable energy projects. They also aim to create local income, provide assistance to economically vulnerable households, and motivate young people to pursue careers related to renewable energy sources.

RECAH refers to Novi Otok as a real-life example of how a citizen association took the first steps into creating a cooperative, energy efficiency projects and communal photovoltaic power plants.

The environmental and economic benefits of this cooperatives achievements include over 70,000 euros invested in the energy renovation of private homes.

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