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Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub

What we do

This hub provides support for citizens and authorities to set up energy communities.

Key activities through the hub include support for rural community and energy transition projects to identify best practice, providing technical assistance and networking opportunities.

  • Guidance documents and dissemination material will also be available through the hub, with a specific focus on challenges and solutions derived from energy communities’ own experience and best practices, that will be developed throughout the duration of the project.
  • The Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub will also provide mapping of Rural Energy Communities across Europe as well as to provide technical assistance to such initiatives and projects.
  • The work of the Advisory Hub is carried out with the overarching aim of further developing (sustainable) community energy action in rural areas.

Through the Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub, we will also provide access to online technical assistance documents, and events, these will include:

  • Quarterly newsletters: an easily consumed digest of relevant information, which will be distributed by email and available on the website as an online resource.
  • 10 documents, 5 video, 3 geographical assessments will also be available through the hub.
  • Three large conferences will be organised to promote networking. The launch event conference took place on the 17th June in Brussel and online. A second conference is planned for September 12th in Poland just before the The European Rural Parliament (ERP) which will be held in Kielce

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