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Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub

Description of technical assistance

The technical assistance which will be provided in this initial stage will be of small size, as we aim to run these activities in a relatively short time, as one of the aims is also to use these assistance services to show case our expertise and attract more demand. Possible assistance provided in this initial “pilot” could include:

  • Project development support - support to communities and rural businesses to understand the process of developing a renewable energy project.
  • Sizing the renewable project – support to communities to understand how to select the best technology for their needs as well as the size of the project. Will involve introduction to data gathering and energy modelling.
  • Support for grid connection - process of securing a grid connection is often costly and time-consuming. We can provide technical assistance to explain and simplify the connection processes
  • Awareness raising – provide best practices for communication and engagement of citizens as well as local authorities.

More specific project activities and categories of support

Investment and Financial assistance:

  • Business plan development – Guidance, Drafting/reviewing, Interviews with key local stakeholders
  • Developing finance/investment models – Mapping of existing models, guidance, and assistance in developing/preparing a suitable model, Review of existing models, Risk assessments
  • Identifying public/private funding and financial support – Mapping EU/ national/ regional funding and support schemes, mapping private (co)funding options, matchmaking with investors.
  • Technology- and system-related advice:
  • Advice on Energy technology efficiency and system related topics – Mapping of potential REC activities (Production, sale, supply, aggregation, collective self-consumption, sharing, distribution, energy services, electromobility services, etc), Mapping and sizing of potential technologies for any given project, Advice on demand flexibility energy efficiency measures, storage and peer-to-peer trading within energy communities, and between energy communities and the market, including on technologies (e.g. blockchain). Support with grid connection process, assisting energy audit preparation

Legal/regulatory support:

Legal advice for establishment & project governance – Assessing national/local legal framework to identify potential realisation of the project, Legal advice for establishment of rural energy community/energy project (best legal form for beneficiaries and ownership: cooperatives, partnerships, companies with community interest, foundations, non-for-profit organisations, trusts, associations etc.)

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